PTE Online Training


Best PTE Coaching ( Live Classes from Hyderabad, India)

We provide cutting edge online training for the PTE Academic test takers. We get learners from acrross the globe namely Australia, USA, Singapore, UAE, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Ireland and India too. 



How does it work ? duration and timings ?


  • You will be given the necessary credentials to attend.
  • The duration is minimum 10days to 30 days ( Customizable).
  • Timings now are : 8:00 am-9:30 am IST ( Morning Session)  7:30pm-9:00pm IST ( Evening Session) 10am-2pm (Saturday)
  • You and choose any one session or all the session based on your requirement.

What If I miss any session ?

  • You have access the view the recorded session ( within 1 month). 

Are these online sessions as good as classrom sessions ?

  • Yes, same in terms of content & the ease of interaction with the trainer almost same as a classroom session.

Can I ask questions in between the session & will I get practice material ?

  • Yes, you can ask questions in between the session and post session as well &you will be given practice material.

Can I get assesments when I take online classes ?

  • Abosolutely , you CAN.

I want to take a free session and then decide ?

  • You can very much take a free real session online to take the decission.


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