How to choose a pte coaching ??

1. Demo Class Vs Real TIme Class:Schedule a Real time class rather than simply dropping in for a demo.

2. Be yourself ask as many questions you have,  post the session ( Test patience, spontaneity, and skill of the tutor).

3. Don't join Institute blindly based on reference what worked for other may not work for you.

4. Don't ask for Mock test: As PTE Academic mocks to be bought from PTE and nobody can copy the way PTE evaluates test takers.

5. Ask how frequent are the assessments: He / Should immediately say at least 2 times in a week that too without much thinking.

6. Ask what if you lack in any communication or enabling skills: He / She should have a convincing plan for this.

7. Noise Free Class Room: Classroom should be noise free. It should not be near main roads.

8. LED/ projector: Is a must as PTE has to be explained on software.

9. A limited number of learners per batch: There should be maximum 10 test takers in a batch if it is beyond that it is a myth to have personal attention.