Do I need to know about a specific subject to take the test?

No. PTE Academic is a test of your English ability. The test covers a range of subjects, but you are not being tested on these subjects.
Do I need computer skills to take the test?

You do not need any special computer skills. PTE recommends taking one of our practice tests to get used to moving through tasks.

PTE Academic is taken using a QWERTY keyboard, where the letters on the top line spell out ´QWERTY´. IF you are not used to this type of keyboard, it may help to practice with one before you take the test.


How old do I need to be to take PTE Academic?

You must be at least 16 years old. If you are 16 or 17 years old, you must provide a signed parental consent form before taking the test.

Complete the form, then follow the instructions printed on it to send it to us. Download the form PTE Academic site / take our help to fill the form.

Will I be penalized in speaking tasks for not having an accent from a native English speaking country?

Absolutely No. PTE Academic has been designed to recognize speech from non-native speakers of English representing over 100 different native languages.

Are all communicative skills scores (e.g., reading, writing) weighted equally?


How many times can I take the test?

You can take PTE Academic as many times as you like, but you must wait to receive your scores before you can book your next test.

Do I have to take PTE Academic in my home country?

No. You can take it at any of the PTE test centers around the world. Make sure you check what type of ID you have to use. Pg. 10 of the Test Taker Handbook provides advice on an acceptable form of ID. In India passport is an ID which necessary to take the test.

Do I have to pay for the test with my credit card?

No. You can use a card that is registered in a different name (i.e., a parent´s credit card.)


Can I register directly with the test center?

No. You can register for the test online or by phone through our call centers. Contact the customer service team in your
region. If you need quick and reliable support for booking the slot.

My given and family names are the same. What should I enter into the registration form?

Enter your name into the family name field. Enter a period (.) in the given name field.


My name is too long to fit the space on the form. What should I enter into the registration form?

Enter as such of your name as you can. Then contact us, so we know there will be a difference between the name you register with and the name on your ID.

What happens if my ID shows a different name to the one I registered with?

You will not be allowed to take the test, and you will lose your test fee.
If you made a mistake when registering, please contact us before your test day. We will do what we can to help.

When should I arrive at the test center?

At least 30 minutes before the start of your test. It gives you ample time to check in and pass security.

How do you check my identity at the test center?

We will check the ID you bring with you. We also take your photo, a palm vein scan, and a digital signature.

What documents can I use an ID at the test center?

If you are taking the test in India, you have to carry your passport to the test center as an address proof.


What is palm vein recognition and is it safe?

Palm vein recognition scans the veins inside your hand to create a digital template that represents your palm vein pattern. Everyone’s veins are different, just like a fingerprint, this allows us to check your identity. To use the palm vein scanner, you simply hold your hand in place above the scanner for a few seconds. The scanner uses a near-infrared light source, similar to a remote control – and you never touch the sensor.

What happens if there is a problem with my computer during the test?

Raise your hand and tell the test administrator. They will do whatever they can to help and will ensure the problem is recorded and reported...
Make sure you tell the test administrator about any problems you feel affect your ability to complete the test. Without their record of the problem, it is tough for us to trace these issues later on.

What happens if I have to leave for an emergency?

Raise your hand and explain your situation to the test administrator. They will advise further.

Can I leave early if I finish the test?

Yes. Raise your hand and ask the test administrator for permission to leave.


How do I know how much time I have left?

Each section of the test is individual time. You will see a timer in the top right corner of the screen counting down the remaining time.

Can I take notes during the test?

Yes. We will give you an erasable
noteboard booklet (about five sheets of A4 paper). If you run out of space, you can ask for another booklet.You are not allowed to make notes until the test has started

Can I correct my answers during the test?

You can correct multiple-choice responses (click again to deselect your answer) and typed responses (use the cut, copy and paste options)
However, you must correct mistakes before moving on to the next item. You cannot re-record any spoken responses.
The microphone will switch off automatically if you are silent for more than 3 seconds during an answer.